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Open Project Tab Development Update: 2024-05-25

Finally, the "Open Project" Tab is ready.
The "Open Project" Tab has been designed to allow the user to open a Pard Engine Project created previously by means of the "New Project" Tab.
In particular, this tab is composed by a custom ListView Component that allows to list the projects.
Each item of the ListView shows various information of a particular project like Project Title and Project Folder Path.
When the user clicks on one of the various items of the listview (i.e. a project)
the browser should activate a process that, at the end, should lead to
1) the loading of the project
2) the opening of the Pard Engine Editor.

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New Project Tab Development Update: 2024-05-06 After days of work, part of the "New Project" Tab has been completed.
The "New Project" Tab has been designed to allow the user to create a new Pard Engine Project.
Currently, the browser is able to generate a new project based on:
1) the selected project template;
2) the name provided in the textbox;
3) the folder path provided thorugh the usage of the folder browser dialog.
The next step to do is to add the "Open Project" Tab in the Projects Browser.

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Projects Browser Development Update: 2024-04-19 After the Splash Screen, it's arrived the time to design and implement the next part of the Pard Engine Editor, the Projects Browser.
The Projects Browser has been designed to create new projects and load the existing ones.
The browser also includes a menu on the left, that should allow the user to access the various tabs of the application, like "Open Project" Tab, "New Project" Tab and so on.
The next steps to do are to design and implement the tabs just mentioned.

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Splash Screen Development Update: 2023-05-10 Finally the development of the Pard Engine Editor is started!
In particular, the first part of the editor in development is the Splash Screen,
that is implemented through illuxUI in order to show some useful info during the initialization of Pard Engine and all its subsystems.
illuxUI is the GUI Framework used to develop the editor.
Currently, the rendering of the splash screen has been completed.
It remains only to show some loading data on the screen through UI labels.

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Making the Game Engine Editor Development Update: 2023-03-24 Many years of research and development have been required to design and implement the main software systems of Pard Engine, like Graphics Engine, GUI System, Game Engine etc. but finally we can dive into the making of the Game Engine Editor!
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