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Creating the Pard Engine's Splash Screen
Wednesday 10th May 2023
Let's see how the Pard Engine's Splash Screen is made!
Making the Game Engine Editor
Friday 24th March 2023
Let's face the various topics related to the development of a Game Engine Editor.
Splash Screen Development Update: 2023-05-10 Finally the development of the Pard Engine Editor is started!
In particular, the first part of the editor in development is the Splash Screen,
that is implemented through illuxUI in order to show some useful info during the initialization of Pard Engine and all its subsystems.
illuxUI is the GUI Framework used to develop the editor.
Currently, the rendering of the splash screen has been completed.
It remains only to show some loading data on the screen through UI labels.

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Making the Game Engine Editor Development Update: 2023-03-24 Many years of research and development have been required to design and implement the main software systems of Pard Engine, like Graphics Engine, GUI System, Game Engine etc. but finally we can dive into the making of the Game Engine Editor!
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