Creating the New Project Tab
After days of work, part of the "New Project" Tab of the Projects Browser has been completed.
Monday 6th May 2024

New Project Tab


New Project Tab - Projects Browser - Pard Engine Editor


As reported in the previous update, the development of the Projects Browser has started, and, after days of work, part of the "New Project" Tab has been completed.
The "New Project" Tab has been designed to allow the user to create a new Pard Engine Project.

In particular, the user must provide the following information:

  • the template, that serves as a starting point for a new project (it could be an empty project, or a project complete of pre-defined assets for the creation of a specific kind of games (e.g. FPS, TPS, RTS, etc.)).
    A custom list view has been implemented through illuxUI in order to provide various information relative to the project template, like title, description, eventual thumbnail and so on.
  • the name of the new project.
    A textbox has been added in order to allow the user to write the name.
  • the folder path in which to store the new project.
    In this case, a button has been added in the tab in order to allow the user to open the so-called "Folder Browser Dialog" and to choose the desired folder.

Currently, the browser is able to generate a new project based on the information just mentioned.

The next features to add in the Projects Browser are:

  • list in some way the projects created previously (with the New Project Tab);
  • allow the user to open them.

This will be done for next update by implementing the "Open Project" Tab.


That's all for now, folks!

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